Wednesday, September 15, 2010

We just finished our new Machined iPhone 4G cases. They really turned out nice.

If you are interested in buying one or just want to know a little bit more about how they are made, just go here.


  1. I received mine today, and it is great! The iPhone 4 fits snugly into the case and the case shows off great craftsmanship! Of course, you have to like the design, but in my opinion, it suits the design of the iPhone 4 perfectly - so I highly recommend it!

  2. Just ordered my case yesterday and I cannot wait to get it. I called the shop today to change my order, because i was between colors since ordering the case. The gentleman i spoke with was very professional and respectable. I am an apple employee and have already told atleast 20-30 people about the case and KARAS KUSTOMS. I can already tell that it is an amazing product and the guys at KK run a great business. Good luck to you guys in the future, and from this day on, none of my customers or fellow employees at apple will go without knowing about KK's machined iPhone cases. Thanks guys.

  3. Received my Karaskustoms yesterday and I'm happy like a little kid! What a great product and fast delivery. I'm amazed about the fit and the looks it's great! I now have a even more beautiful Iphone 4 thanks KARASKUSTOMS!!!!

    Did had to put 4 small rings no the spacers because I'm using a Screen protector for the front and back.

    Great Stuff KARASKUSTOMS !