Tuesday, June 30, 2015

I'm Just Gonna Put This Right Here...And Walk Away...

Dan Bishop is hard at work finalizing his latest creation, and soon enough that creation can make its way into your sweaty, or not so sweaty, little hand. 

“What creation is that?” you ask. 

Well here’s a quick sneak peek at the AWESOME floating around in Dan's brain. Consider this the teaser that movie companies put out 18 months prior to the movie ever being released…but you won't be waiting 18 months to get this, we promise.

So revel in the pictures, hope this wets your appetite for more pen goodness. 

*Be advised the "smooth" cap featured in these images is a damaged "one off" cap that I salvaged from a pen. When it is manufactured this pen will feature a knurled cap like that of the traditional Render K.*



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