Thursday, June 4, 2015


After a year and a half hiatus, the Karas Kustoms Blog is moving back into production. We know in the past we shifted our focus to other means of social media. We hooked you up via newsletters, bombed you with Instagram posts and had other bloggers do all the heavy lifting. Well it’s time for us to take some of the weight off all those guys and start feeding you the good stuff straight from the source.


It’s not going to be like it was around here. We are looking to revamp things on the blog. You get all your cool snapshots of our gear on #karaskustoms. You get the info that you need to know, on our products, from the newsletters. So we are going to make this the one stop shop for all things Karas related that don’t meet those criteria.

Want to get to know the staff here at the shop? We can do that. We will look to give you an inside view of what it’s like to put in a hard day’s work out with the boys in Production. Or if you want to know just how many people it takes to mail out all the pens you buy, you can spend some time with them…er, him. How about a day with the Boss? Sure we can give you some time with Bill as he wears his various hats during a normal day on the job. Maybe you want to see what Dan does when he begins designing a new pen, we can do that as well.

We’re also going to blow your socks off with some informational and hopefully hilarious video series. We’re going to walk you through some common hacks that you can do with our pens, along with some tutorial type videos that address some of the most common questions and problems that come up.

Finally, we want to be a side of Karas Kustoms you haven’t seen before. A side that can give you some insight into why we make what we make, what pens have meant to society at large and just how important such a tiny, now-disposable instrument has been in shaping the world in which we live. Basically we want to show you that we aren’t just a bunch of grease-laden machinists but that we have a side that is introspective and truly takes into account the storied history behind the products we make.

Regardless of what you come to our blog looking for, we want you to go away with a feeling that you have actually “spent” some time with us. That you know us better. That we provided you with a new outlook on Karas Kustoms and the products that we manufacture. 

Oh, and just for's a picture of a dog.

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