Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Karas Kustoms Fountain K Official Sales Release

  • The Fountain K pen will have its official pre-production release, Thursday, August 27th at Noon, Arizona time (MST, UTC/GMT -7 hours).
  • This release will be limited to the pre-production pens that were made to accept Schmidt #5 nibs. For that reason there are a very limited supply of these pens available.
  • This configuration will accept nibs purchased to fit your current Karas Kustoms INK in the event you had nibs custom ground.
  • We will have four finishes available for purchase tomorrow
    • Anodized Silver (Clear) Aluminum (Approximately 75 Available)
    • Tumbled Raw Aluminum (Approximately 30 Available)
    • Brass (Approximately 50 Available)
    • Copper (Approximately 60 Available)
  • The Fountain K is identical in size to the Render K. In fact if you have one of each sitting on your desk capped, they will appear to be the exact same pen.
  • Due to our limited numbers some people may miss out on these pens. We are not limiting the amount one person can buy, so if you want one of each you can purchase one of each as long as they are in stock. Likewise, if you want 5 Brass, that’s possible as well.
  • The quickest way to purchase a Fountain K is to use PayPal as your means of checkout on our website. This is the easiest, fastest way to checkout as it doesn’t require you to input any billing information or credit card information as long as you have a current PayPal account. Paypal is who processes all sales through our website, we have no other means of accepting payment. Use “checkout as guest” on the site will also save you time.
  • Just adding product to your cart does not reserve the product for purchase. You have to complete the payment process and receive a confirmation email to ensure your purchase was successful. Orders over $120 qualify for free shipping (but hurry they may sell out while you are adding product to the cart).
  • In the event that you miss out on this Pre-Production release, we will be releasing the Production Fountain K before the holidays.
  • Pricing is as follows:
  • Anodized Silver (Clear) Aluminum - $70.00
  • Tumbled Raw Aluminum - $70.00
  • Brass - $90.00
  • Copper - $120.00
  • Orders over $120 qualify for free shipping (but hurry they may sell out while you are adding product to the cart)
  • This small sale will help us fund the next full production batch of Fountain Ks and further development on other pen projects.
Thank you for your support!


Bill Karas- Head Machinist, Founder
Dan Bishop- Industrial Design Lead

Paul Bennett- Marketing/Customer Service Lead

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