Thursday, November 9, 2017

Decograph 1702 - Elektron and Other News and Notes

Karas Pen Co Signature Pens Decograph 1702 – Elektron

Legend has it that Phaethon, son of Helios, sought proof that he was indeed the sun god’s progeny. Helios relented to Phaethon’s request and allowed him to pilot the sun chariot across the sky. Phaethon was unable to control the horses that pulled the chariot, and seeing the chariot veer off course in danger of setting the earth on fire; Zeus struck down Phaethon with a lightning bolt. Phaethon’s lifeless body fell to earth, landing along the banks of the River Eridanos. Phaethon’s sisters, the Heliades, gathered around his body and transformed poplars. Into eternity they weep tears of electron (amber) at their brother’s grave.

Our fall Decograph Special Edition 1702, draws on the tale of the Heliades tears. The rich amber hue of the acrylic swirled with dark lines reminiscent of poplar bark that’s cut with an iridescent line that suggests the path of a tear. The color brings visions of the fall with its brownish-orange shade often seen with the change of seasons as autumn meets winter. The 1702 – Elektron special edition is limited to 60 pieces, each elegantly laser marked on the barrel with sequential numbers. Each pen ships in our custom made and marked pen capsule with a polished steel nib in sizes EF-B, 1.1mm stub, or 1.5mm stub, a standard international converter, and five black standard international cartridges. 2-tone, black lacquer, titanium, and 14K gold nib upgrades are available for an additional charge when selecting the nib choice.

The Decograph 1702 – Elektron is available early at an introductory price to the Karas Pen Club Members from 11/10/17 to 11/14/17.

The Decograph 1702 – Elektron will retail for $165.00 USD available at the Karas Pen Co website 11/15/17.

Karas Kustoms is 9 years old! Karas Kustoms was started at the end of 2008. This year makes the 9th anniversary of that date. To commemorate turning 9, we introduce the 2017 Anniversary Edition Combo. This combo is another collaboration with Karas Pen Co and Rickshaw Bagworks. 

The Anniversary Edition includes a special colorway Retrakt that features a matte finish, red upper barrel and a copper, grooved lower barrel. Engraving on the upper barrel of the pen is marked with the year and the Karas Pen Co logo. Rickshaw Bagworks supplies us with this custom EDC Field Case, in a Blue 1000D Cordura® nylon exterior, with a custom dye-sub printed polyester interior featuring the Arizona flag. Each EDC Field Case features space for a notebook(s), and up to 3 pens. The pen pockets are lined with a plush material to cushion and protect your pens from the rigors of daily carry. In the notebook pocket is a handy plastic sleeve for "scraps" (business cards, receipts, photos, stamps, stickers, emergency money, etc.). 

Approximate dimensions with notebook and three pens: 4.75 x 6.25 x 1.0 inches. The 2017 Anniversary Edition Field Case is manufactured by Rickshaw Bagworks in San Francisco, exclusively for us. All of the products in the 2017 Anniversary Edition Combo are manufactured here in the USA. This combo is in limited supply*, once they are gone, they are gone.

The 2017 Anniversary Edition Set will retail for $120.00 USD.

*Only 300 of this combination will be sold 

Wondering whether the Decograph can be eyedroppered? Or maybe you're wondering what eyedroppering a pen even is. In this How To video, Paul walks you through the process of turning your pen into a eyedropper filled pen. Enjoy!

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Karas Pen Co - Clearance Items, New Pen, And Pen Club

After much deliberation, we are discontinuing the Barstock K Series. The Barstock pens were something we added to our line when we were asked for a true "beat around" pen. Something that a person could carry around in a rough environment and would hold up to any and all abuse. We didn't do anything special to the outside of the pen, leaving it unturned in its raw form. The caps are smooth caps, something we've never offered on a pen before. Outside of the clip there aren't any changes to the outside of the pen, the idea was the pen would look like a raw piece of material that we use to make our K Series pens.

We are out of stock on the white Delrin and phenolic bodies, and have decided discontinue and sell through the raw aluminum and black Delrin rather than make more of these pens. We have some design ideas in a replacement bang around pen that we'll be prototyping this year.

The Barstock pens have the following new Closeout Pricing:
Barstock Render K - $40.00 USD
Barstock Fountain K - $55.00 USD

Decograph - Design. History. Technology.


A streamlined, classically-influenced pen with a modern look and feel. The Decograph is a design and material hybrid that brings together elements of our metal writing instruments with fully machined thermoplastics into a quality writing experience. We've spent time looking at our particular influences in art and design along with our desire to produce high quality writing instruments and crafted a pen we feel fits our aesthetic and speaks to where we have been going as a company. Drawing on Art Deco influences of the early 20th Century and using 21st Century CNC Machining technology, we're translating our ideas into a pen that blends aircraft grade aluminum and stainless steel with modern high-strength thermoplastics fully machined in Mesa, Arizona. For more information on this pen, check out are pre-release video. Available August 2017.


The wait is over! The Karas Pen Club Coin is available for purchase on our website. If you haven't heard of our custom coin, I'm not sure where you've been, but on the off chance you missed some of our other videos or social media posts, here's a briefing on it. Or you could just watch the video linked HERE.
The 2017 Karas Pen Club Coin features custom graphics minted on an all copper coin that we partnered with Shire Post Mint to have done specifically for the Karas Pen Club. Purchasing the coin doesn't just get you this sweet coin, but brings with it membership into the Karas Pen Club and a list of benefits for members. Some of those benefits are:
  • Exclusive early access to new releases, limited edition items, and special editions sets.
  • Introductory, members only pricing on select limited edition items and special edition sets.
  • Access to free Karas Pen Club swag when you flash your coin to a Karas Pen Co employee or official representative.
  • Access to product and focus group surveys and feedback forms.
  • Prototype sketchbook images, early stage updates on forthcoming products, and random artwork we're adapting to future pen or logos.
The coin and subsequent Club membership runs from July 2017 through July 2018, when we'll release the 2018-2019 coin, likely a new design and material. So it's kind of like a subscription service but our own spin on it. If you have any questions or concerns hit us up by responding to this email, filling out a contact form on our website, or contacting us via any of our social media accounts.

The July Pen Meetup was a rousing success. We saw a lot of new faces. Got some great interaction. Had some pen related discussions that were quite entertaining. It was a great time had by all that attended. We're not about to slow down, below you can find the dates for the Pen Meetups for the rest of 2017. We hope to see you if you have a chance to stop by whether you're an Arizona native or just happen to be in Arizona when we host one, come spend a few hours with us on a Saturday afternoon.
The August meet up will take place on August 12th from 4pm - 7pm at Karas Kustoms (126 S. Country Club Drive, Mesa, AZ 85210). We'll have snacks and sodas, the shop will be open for walk throughs and mini-tours. Dan and Paul will be available for questions concerning design and pen features. Bill Karas might even stop by and join in the conversation. We always suggest that folks bring their own pens and inks if they want to show them off or trade with each other. We try to keep it low key and family friendly. If you can't make it this, below are tentative dates for the rest of 2017. Can't wait to see you on the 12th!
August 12th, 2017
September 9th, 2017
October 21st, 2017
November 18th, 2017
December 9th, 2017

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

March Pen Meetup

A Friendly Reminder

We just wanted to send out a reminder that we'll be hosting our monthly Arizona Pen Meet Up, Saturday March 11th, from 4-7 pm at the Karas Pen Co facility (126 S. Country Club Dr. Mesa, AZ 85210). We'll have complimentary beverages and snacks available. Our pens will be on display for anyone to try out. We'll have the shop open for casual walk-thrus. We'll be happy to answer any questions you may have about our brand but also about pens and ink in general. Paul will be available for discussion on vintage fountain pen and pen repair if necessary. We look forward to hosting you this weekend. We still have a few of the Knox Series pens for those of you that wanted an up close and personal look at them, and we can explain the process a bit better that goes into creating them. We'll also have the Hix Design collaboration on display for people to try out and handle.

Monday, January 16, 2017

To Start Off 2017, We'd Like Your Feedback....

As we move into a new year, we'd like our current and potential customers to give us some feedback. In the hopes of continuing to improve not just our product, but also our customer experience; we've put together a survey that is attached below. None of the questions are mandatory, so answer any that apply or that you have an opinion on. We won't be giving any of this information away, rather it's a way for us to allow you the opportunity to assist us in our journey forward as we move through the next chapter of manufacturing in the United States. We've always taken our customer suggestions and feedback to heart. So please take a little time and complete the survey below.

Thank you.