Karas Pen Co is proud to release the Knox Series limited edition pens. We've partnered with Don Knox to create a one-of-a-kind look for our brass and copper pens. The pens undergo an electro-chemical process that etches the metal without uniformity. They are then put through one of several aging processes to give each one it's own aesthetic. As with snowflakes, no two Knox pens are alike. Some of these pens look like they've been recently salvaged from a shipwreck, while others resemble highly polished ancient Roman artifacts, still others have a faint resemblance to Japanese Urushi. There's a look or feel that will appeal to anyone. These are exclusive items in limited numbers and will be sold individually with corresponding photos to provide you with knowledge of which pen you are purchasing. We are releasing them in very small batches as they do take quite a bit of time to process, finish, and assemble. This page is your site to purchase the Knox Series pens, bookmark it and check back often.

The Knox Series

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